After the success of the initial bottle design, Six Mile Bridge brewery decided to transition their entire range to cans, which are intrinsically more versatlie and convenient than bottles. With flavours like Blood Orange Wit (Belgian style ale with coriander and orange), Cinnamon Maple Stout, and Irish Red Ale with honey, we knew we had to create a can as distinctive and striking as the beer it contained. The result? A range of beers that’s unique inside and out. Can we do it? Yes we can!


Six Mile Bridge, USA


Food & Beverage


We have received absolutely incredible positive feedback on the design of these cans. There is absolutely nothing like this on the shelves right now in St Louis and people are reaching out via email and all of our social media platforms just to say they like how the new look. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout!
- Lindsay Sherring

Project Date